Driveway flowers


The fuck poem


yeah I said it
F as in
fighting for freedom against the ugliness of censorship
yeah i want to kill it
as in fuck you what the fuck fuck that and oh yes
i like to fuck
and what are you going to do
what are you going to do
what are you going to do about it
cuz i’m fucking crazy
i’m fucking this world up
i’m fucking everybody
and i love every minute of it
as an adjective or a noun or an action so profound that all you can do is say
i like the word
i like to scream it at the top of my lungs
when i’m pissed off excited when i’m sad or in pain
such a word
o my word fuck
and we are all fucking
we are all fucking
we are all fucking ourselves over
by giving in to the unnatural desires of corporate scandals and the political handles
of the fucking parties
and by signing our souls over to the devil in his red white and fucking blue
claiming all that we know to be true to hisself
fuck that
cuz i want the freedom to say what i want to say
and if he doesn’t like it that way
i’ll wave my big fuck you flag in his face
and take back my fucking place
i’ll say it and i’ll scream it over and over again
until i
until i
until i win
because he may have won some battles
but i’ll win this war
i’m not your everyday cliche capitalist whore
i’m leading the revolution towards freedom of speech
and the word fuck will be the first thing we teach
i’m leading the revolution toward freedom of thought
cuz fuck me if i’m wrong
but weren’t we all taught
that liberty and free speech are undeniable
but our liberties and freedoms are too unreliable
so fuck this government
and fuck these laws
and fuck you too if you support their cause
fuck yeah i said it
such a marvelous word
don’t turn away or ignore it
you know what you heard
embrace its importance and give it a chance
cuz it could be our last hope to take back what we had
o fuck
do you hear what i hear
it’s the sounds of a fucking revolution drawing near

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