Occupying the space between spaces

thresholds of connecting doorways to other worlds

straddling lines

one foot in

one on the other side

there’s comfort in knowing you can always turn back.

Things are queer here

bright, and loud, and colorful

I’m on the outside looking in

or the inside looking out

depending on the direction of my perspective.

So many things to distract.

The space my body occupies is liminal and transient.

You and I ride different, occasionally intersecting wavelengths

this was never ours to begin with

we mere observers

navigating lengths of closed doors and borders

down corridors and tunnels

into an empty, lonely unknown.

We live on hope

that one day these barriers will recede

but until then

we guard our doors so carefully.

And even though yours is soft and transparent

coveted by most

crossed by many

trampled by a few

hinges creaking from overuse

I’ll wait for my invitation inside

lean on my frame

and watch the colors float by.