Darf ich vorstellen…

Beelzebub and Lucifer…I mean, Pearlie Mae and Pepper Joon.


Pepper snuggles Pearl

Do not let their cuteness deceive! So far, they have turned off the computer by ripping the cord out of the wall, broken two glasses and a bowl, and figured out how to climb into the furnace.


Pepper was named after her obsession with my ghost pepper plant.

My apartment sounds like a stampede of kitten feet these days. I had forgotten what that was like.


Cute devils.

As some of you know, I lost Emma Lu in June. She was my first cat as an adult. She was also black and sweet, like these two. Her eyes were green, though, while theirs are brown. She would have hated their rambunctiousness. She would have loved California. I miss her every day.


Emma Lu

I’m really excited about having these two in my life. They remind me what it’s like to be new. They have too much courage and not enough experience to know better. And, I think they’re starting to like me, too.


Pearlie Mae (left) was named after Pearl Bailey.

I think we’ll get along just fine.



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