Greetings from the Outlaw Inn

Yesterday’s adventure began with Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. I now feel fully prepared to face my enemies should they descend upon me.

The Night Witch needed a little TLC, so we pulled off at Rock Springs, WY to stay at the Outlaw Inn. It’s as cool as it sounds. I’m going to try to explore a little more in the morning.

Some observations today:

1) The only black people I saw in Nebraska were from Detroit. They were riding their bikes back from LA. The guy I talked to said they had to stop because of a tornado. Yikes! I gave them some extra water I couldn’t fit in my cooler. Thanks gram and gramps!

2) I stopped at a gas station that boasted “great bathrooms!” somewhere in Nebraska. Apparently, they have bidets in Nebraska. Extravagant. Did it make them great? The freaking toilet had a massage setting. And I didnt have to pay a dime. Of course they’re great! Truth in advertising.

3) I met a man who shot all the animals that were hanging in his gas station. The moose head was the largest. It is, allegedly, easy to haul one of those things into a truck after it’s dead. We also talked about tourists dying at Yellowstone for doing stupid things, like taking selfies with wild animals or tragically coming to their end by ignoring those pesky “do not leave this path” signs. They’re going to ruin it for everybody else, he said. People will have to ride around the park in a bus and won’t be able to get out and explore if they don’t cut the shit, he said.

That’s all for today. Weirdly, I don’t have any pictures. I did get to roller skate. 1040 miles to go.


3 thoughts on “Greetings from the Outlaw Inn

  1. Noah Hamilton says:

    Yellowstone sounds more like Jurassic Park … but I think it definitely would be worth the trip to Nebraska just for the gas station bidets if for nothing else lol.

    I love these road stories …


  2. Tim says:

    Love the blog bri. I’ve driven by that truck stop many times but have never stopped before. By the way, your an amateur if you can only drive 12 hours. Time to nut up sis.


    • Die Nacht Hexe says:

      I bow before you! I cannot believe the amount of time semi drivers put in every day. I have a new appreciation for the impact drivers have on our economy. And you should totes check the truckstop out. It’s like it’s own city.


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