Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

The Night Witch and I pulled into a flashy 2-star hotel, cuz we’re fancy like that. We actually contemplated spending the night in the car under the stars. We decided against that. Maybe tomorrow.

Lessons from the road – day one:
1) Eugene V. Debs’ Labor and Freedom makes an interesting soundtrack for the backdrop of Iowa and Nebraska. Especially the part where Debs argues that Jesus was a proletariat who started a working-class revolution against the oppressive ruling class. Gives a whole new meaning to those billboards on I-80 that say “Trust in the Lord!” (Shout out to LibriVox for the free audiobook) Also, the chapter on Theodore Roosevelt was fascinating given the current state of our upcoming election.

2) According to a plaque next to a wind turbine blade I saw at a rest stop (see picture), each complete wind turbine can power up to 700 residential homes. This turbine blade weighs 23,098 lbs. Neat!


Don't be jealous of my ability to take blurry photos. I've had years of practice.

3) And, finally, I learned that I can make it about 12 hours driving the Night Witch alone.

Oh, and bonus lesson: 4) AC/DC is the best way to experience a Nebraska sunset. Thanks to 92.9 The Eagle for that one.


3 thoughts on “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

  1. Noah Hamilton says:

    Thank my Dear Sweet niece …. I often forget that I am not the only socialist/laborist (political not healthcare specialist) in Indiana. The University of California is fortunate that it has hired an intelligent, visionist who is destined for great things.


    • Die Nacht Hexe says:

      Thanks, Sandy! I’m actually going to work for the California State University system. Either way, I don’t think I could’ve gotten there without the influence of liberals such as yourself. 🙂


  2. Noah Hamilton says:

    I realized that it is Humbolt STATE University just after I posted sorry about that lol

    And I do appreciate being called a liberal … most of my opponents over time have said radical crazy left wing commy pinko

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