California or bust

I’m currently at “the world’s largest truckstop” in Iowa. How does one measure something like that, I wonder?

I suppose when you have a dentist, barber, chiropractor, life size puppets, 4 restaurants, and every Iowa-related piece of memorabilia in existence, it’s not hard to be the world’s biggest anything.


But, alas, they still don’t have a magnet with my name spelled correctly.


Close, but no cigar. Onward I go.


6 thoughts on “California or bust

  1. Noah Hamilton says:

    AAAAhhhh the safety, beauty and comfort of a well supplied AMURican Truck Stop. I have often wondered if the designer of the road signs for Travel America, the big blue and white signs visible for miles which have TA (a beacon across night skies) displayed, was showing an ironic smirk at the double-entendre when he/she submitted the artwork.


    • Die Nacht Hexe says:

      Van Wylen should have a barber. It would make about as much sense as some of the other things we purchased. Browzine, anyone?


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